Nanophotonics for ultra-thin crystalline silicon photovoltaics

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Publications to broader audience

Monday 1 February 2016, by Valerie Depauw

  • Nanopatterning doubles c-si pv cell efficiency, will be published in Solar Power Management Issue I of 2016, out on April 29.
  • PhotoNVoltaics: guidelines for highly efficient nanopatterned crystalline silicon solar cells, in the imec magazine, February 2016 issue (best viewed in Firefox and Google Chrome).
  • From nanoscale to gigawatt: how photonics empowers photovoltaics, by Ounsi El Daif, Christos Trompoukis, Valérie Depauw, Jef Poortmans (imec PV), in European Energy Innovation, Spring 2013, link

More articles will follow after the end of the project, beginning of 2016.

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